Okay. I think I am going to give Mastadon another try. Anyone have some recommendations for some accounts to follow?

Belief in determinism doesn’t absolve you from moral or ethical responsibility.

TLJ was good. The more time I spend thinking about it the more I like it. New ranking of SW movies:

1. Empire
2. The last 30 mins of Rogue One
3. TFA
4. TLJ
5. Hope
6. Jedi
7. Rogue One
8. Podracing
9. Sith
10. Clones
11. Phantom

I am so excited for 2018. I am feeling like I have some direction professionally, Clare will find out where she is going to medical school and the Philadelphia IWW is planning some very cool projects!

I was elected General Secretary a few months ago and ever since then we've been focused completely on getting our charter. Now the real work begins!

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OMG Philadelphia GMB of the IWW charter was just approved. We have been working on this since February. I could honestly cry.

I am so fucking tired - I feel like I need to just call it a day.

I heard I can be happier on here. Is that right?


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