What are your favorite tips for traveling? This dude doesn’t fare too well on jet lag and lost sleep and pressurized cabins with recycled air. 🤢

‪Shows That Are Unwatchable:‬
‪- Parks and Recreation‬
‪- Brooklyn Nine-Nine‬
‪- Superstore‬

‪Fight me. ‬

People come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.
Love is love is love is love.
Sex is whatever you make of it.
Consent is sexy. Communication is sexy.

The Hump! Film Festival was pretty rad.
I’m all smiles! 🥰

US citizens (and others): remember that it's ok if you can't stomach watching play-by-play #politics today.

It's ok to step away and take care of yourself or stay focused on work or take a walk or read a book or play a game.

I'd even suggest that watching this play-by-play stuff isn't helpful, unless maybe you work directly in political orgs at play today.

I guess it also helps advertisers and news orgs. But does that help you?

If not, it's ok to do something else.

Waiting until the last minute to vote is a pretty great example of how we got into this mess in the first place. 👍🏻

why do people care so much abiut identity
you are not a set of tags
you are an experience

Sooooo my Mac mini was driving me crazy. Super sluggish beyond anything past Yosemite. I installed Ubuntu as a dual boot and I’m loving it so far. What are your essential apps on a fresh install?

Three years before Stonewall, there were the sip-ins at NYC bars. At the time, places that served homosexuals could be shut down as they were considered "disorderly." A year after the protests, this rule was thrown out in court.

One of the men who helped start these protests, Dick Leitsch, has died.

I did drugs once and now I watch anime please learn from my mistakes

I want to visit my family (conservative, religious Republicans halfway across the country) this summer with my boyfriend. My dad has told me that our affection must be monitored and that he tends to roll his eyes, sigh, and say “Ewwww” when he sees gay people showing affection (on tv or IRL). I have asked him repeatedly to keeo his homophobia in check and to please refrain from using such insulting gestures around my boyfriend and I if we come and visit and he refuses. Advice?

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