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Amazing video of a winning demo at a demoscene competition.

The code runs on an 1981 IBM PC using CGA graphics and does much more than any software from that time could do.

I don't know the techniques they use but I would guess they write and compose with modern tools and then somehow port it to the old architecture. I doubt one could do this without modern tools, even though they target an old machine.

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Tornado Cash developer being arrested by Netherland's FIOD is concerning news.

Imagine if road builders were being arrested "because criminals use them"? Or home curtain installers?

Wanting privacy should not be considered a crime.

This is interesting.

'Law firm serves anonymous hacker a restraining order via "

Hacker hacks crypto-exchange, steals crypto and starts laundering it. Law firm doesn't have his identity or address, so issues a restraining order via NFT, which is approved by the New York supreme court.

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You're really gambling when you click the "Show content" button on a blurred image on fedi.


I thought you might like this one.

Scientist trolls Twitter by posting image of a sausage and claiming it's a star.

My favorite song at the moment. Love the melancholy vibe and awesome production quality.

Best listened with headphones.

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If I can give one piece of advice to new programmers.

Being willing and able to read source code written by other people is a superpower.

Many newbie devs are too intimidated to jump into the functions and methods that they're calling from their own code.

It can be uncomfortable at first, but going through code that you didn't write, but rely on, is one of the best ways to gain a proper understanding of what's really going on.

Reading the code of other people also makes you a better dev.

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Sunday Survey:

What's your experience with altcoins?

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RT @HeyChelseaTroy
Hi! I work directly in web privacy.

If I were to give one, single, Pareto Principle piece of advice to laypeople using technology, it would be:

Don't give anything legible or transcribable any Meta, Google, or Amazon product that you would not want the cops to read.

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RT @feeonline
“Inflation is in effect a hidden tax. The money that people have saved is robbed of part of its purchasing power, which is quietly transferred to the government that issues new money.”

- Thomas Sowell, Basic Economics

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Gary Webb, a journalist who exposed how CIA made money from trafficking cocaine in the 1980's and used the profits to fund "Contra", a US backed rebel group created to overthrow Nicaragua’s government. Webb was found dead with TWO gunshot wounds to the ...

Original tweet :

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