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I don't think tech folks quite understand how pervasive remote work has become. It's not even a debate anymore, it's a full on revolution. Hard to do any recruiting these days and not constantly run into talented folks who will never go back to working in an office again.



Did you try setting the particular domain instead of just `true`?


What if you're embarrassed by the most recent version of your product as well?


This seems to be the issue:
> Origin is not allowed by 'cross_domain_websocket'

Not sure why, because you set it to `true`. Try asking in the Prosody MUC.


Thin-skinned interviewer with a short attention span.

Quite an annoying and embarrasing interview to watch in the first minutes.

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Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’

Scientist Brad Lister returned to Puerto Rican rainforest after 35 years to find 98% of ground insects had vanished

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> UI, e.g., removing the Group Chats part, or getting rid of the filter box in the Contacts section?

You can disable groupchats completely.

Other than that, you can always hide something like the contacts filter via CSS. Not as easy as a configuration variable, but still quite easy.

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Yes, the XMPP server is somewhat out of my control, but I do want to make available a Docker instance that sets up Converse.js, Prosody, external file upload and perhaps a few other things.

This could then be well documented, making it much easier for people to set up a working system.

However, I have limited experience with Docker and limited time as well, so things sometimes go more slowly than I'd like.


On the 30th of January the community is organizing a development sprint focused on and in the XMPP ecosystem at OSP new office.


@ij @drwho

Getting a demo up and running is pretty easy IMO and other people have complimented me on making it easy.

There's a "quickstart" section in the docs and there are multiple live demos in the repo.

Converse can be used in various different ways and therefore has many configuration options which can be daunting to people.

But it has IMO sane defaults.

I'd be happy to hear suggestions on how to make it easier for people.

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Devices are now marketed as “smart” if they are unable to function unless in contact with a remote command and control network that tells them what to do, which seems like the opposite of “smart” to me.



BTW, MUC-OMEMO is coming to Converse.js in the next release (soon) and there's a good chance that support for XEP-0374 OX will also be added this year.

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Issue to support #xmpp URI in the mastodon web interface:

Please voice your support on the issue tracker if you use XMPP

Inspired by @ButterflyOfFire

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