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Bitcoin's price chart is insane, now I know why they call it a bubble.

Oh, wait…

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Yes, you've definitely been living under a rock.

This happened quite a while ago already.

I'm not sure where I can find a relatively neutral unbiased summary of what happened.

Suffice to say that he fell victim to misrepresentation (fact) and hysteria (my opinion) and was forced to resign from MIT and the Free Software foundation.


In light of the Stallman thing, I've been thinking of the phenomenon of witch hunts.

I think in part the hunt is fueled/amplified by people who overcompensate in their vigour in order to signal to the group that they themselves are very much on board and should please not be subjected to a similar hunt in future.

The sad irony is of course that by doing so, they actually increase the chances of further hunts later on.


I might be wrong though, alt-right types do like to troll.


I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but I think this is better attributed to simple moral outrage and virtue signaling.

Something that's as old as the hills.


Ich weiss von jemand der bei der Bundespolizei arbeitet und verschiedene Pull Requests für Converse.js XMPP client geöffnet hat.

Also, sie machen sogar einen Beitrag zur weiterer Software-entwicklung.


Also, Twitter bot accounts won't appear in your local timeline because they're not hosted by your local instance.


So people with Twitter accounts don't post "real content"?

There are other people besides me who would like to follow Twitter accounts on the Fediverse, otherwise these services wouldn't exist

Everybody does things that can trigger other people. It's not realistic or reasonable to expect everyone else to act in such a way that you can't ever get triggered.

If you can't handle seeing twitter bots in your timeline, may I suggest you go see a therapist and work through some stuff.


TIL that the euro is not a european currency


Thanks, but I'm not looking for a crossposting tool, I'm looking for a way to mirror other people's Twitter accounts.

I've found that with birdsite.monster


Who I follow and where I do that is none of your business.

You're not forced to follow the same people or look at their accounts.

@nyconyco @xmpp

Maybe I can get some to you still in time for the Paris conf?

The first Converse.js stickers have arrived in the mail.

Look out for these at the real-time lounge at FOSDEM next year.


I love the name birdsite.monster 😂

I added Daniel Gultsch via it, seems to work, but it doesn't show any tweets for him in his profile.

I'll wait and see whether new tweets appear in my feed.


Thanks! Didn't know this one. Looks pretty good.

I already self-host Selfoss RSS reader, so maybe I can hook this up there.

Is there perhaps a way to easily create bot accounts that mirror twitter accounts to the fediverse?

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