I see more genuine smiles in 5 weeks in South Africa than I see in an entire year in Germany.

I'm not saying this to bash Germans, but to express appreciation to South Africans, who despite hardship are some of the most friendly and welcoming people on earth (perhaps a close second to Brazillians).


Yep, and Mozilla just layed off 70 people, including QA and senior engineers.

More info here:

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Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary (2.5 million/year in 2018)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/withoutboats/statu

@ij yes I already added other domains that use Google.

Unfortunately refusing to communicate with people who use Gmail isn't a realistic option.

@Google@twitter.com Update on my struggle to get my emails delivered to Gmail.

Based on a tip from @ij, I've configured Postfix to use IPv4 when sending to Gmail.

Since then I've successfully sent two emails to Gmail addresses.

Fingers crossed that this fixes it for good.


I've configured postfix to use IPv4 for Gmail.

So far so good, two emails have been sent out successfully.

Hopefully it continues to work.

Thanks for the tip!

@tobi @mondstern

I have already verified that my IP isn't on any blacklists.

Design FAIL

The bathroom door of the hotel we're staying in doesn't have a lock or a latchbolt.

So of course my 1 year old will come waltzing in while I'm taking a shit.


I don't have IPv6 disabled, so I think it's definitely possible that it's being used. Will double check.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll consider it, but currently I'm thinking of just going to a paid provider and be done with self-hosting.


Thanks. It's none of those, it's for 95% of the emails I and my family members send, and it's only the last 3 weeks. For 6 years before that I haven't had any problems.


They somehow classify me as a bulk sender. So you'd naturally think my server has been hacked and is sending spam.

I'm not on any spam blacklists however and I don't see anything fishy in the logs.


Thanks, all that's been checked and is OK.


Yes I've done that, the error code is 550-5.7.28 which comes up in very few search results.

@tobi @mondstern

No, I mean sending emails from my self-hosted server to any other Gmail address.

I don't personally use Gmail, but I have an account for testing.

I'm basically ready to give up and move to a paid email provider so that they can deal with getting emails delivered to @Google@twitter.com.

Thanks Google, thanks for working to kill XMPP, RSS and Email.

Thank you, you self-serving, hypocritical, creepy data-guzzling, pretentious fucks.

I've set up authentication via DKIM, SPF and DMARC and Google itself says their checks for them pass.

I've verified that my IP isn't on any blacklists and I've set up my emails on Google postmaster tools.

I've contacted @gmail@twitter.com twice to report the problem, no feedback whatsoever

I'm so angry and disappointed with Google.

They make it impossible to self-host your own email.

I've been self-hosting email for myself and family since 2013 and since 3 weeks Google is bouncing 95% of my emails.

I've done all I can think of to fix this, no dice. :(

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