Yeah, but it means I cannot promise that it'll be finished :)


Link Mauve has been doing some work on adding Audio/Video via WebRTC to Converse.js.

I'm personally not working on it and don't have any plans to.

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@DwdDave@twitter.com @mrjamesob@twitter.com @JimMFelton@twitter.com As voters I think you need to look at the candidates for MP & ask "is this someone I'd trust to spend 35% of my salary wisely?". If they've previously shown propensity to dodgy expenses, or voting to appease newspapers or party, don't encourage them by voting them in again.

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The #XSF #Summit just officially ended.
Thanks to everyone who was there and contributed to the interesting discussions on the #XMPP protocol in #Brussels.

Next will be #FOSDEM!


I can't say much about Vue.js versus React. I'm not using either for Converse.js :)

That's mostly because I'd rather add new features than spend my time rewriting on top of a newer framework.

From my own research, I'm a bit more partial to React and I think there's a decent chance that Converse.js's views will eventually be rewritten in React.


An alternative approach, is to see how the current Converse.js UI could be simplified and changed to your needs and make the necessary changes there.

That's probably less work.


Then learn Vue.js or React and figure out how to break the UI down into components.

Then, include converse/headless via NPM and call its API to log in, start a chat session, send/receive messages etc.


> my biggest initial hurdle is figuring out what exactly I need to learn - what could meet the goals I have?

Difficult question to answer, but if a simply, easy to use UI/UX is most important to you, then I would start with designing that.

Start by creating a static HTML/CSS mockup of the UI that you want. Potentially using something like Bootstrap or Semantic UI.

Here's an example of a static mockup for Converse: conversejs.org/mockup/chatroom


As someone who's been working for years on pretty much exactly what you're talking about, I think you might be severely, underestimating how much work this really is.

Especially if you don't have much experience with modern web dev.

Why not get involved with an existing project?

If you don't like the Converse.js UI/UX and want something different, you can still use it in "headless" mode and build your own UI on top of it.


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Curious fact: "Jupiter" (the god and the planet) comes from a combination of 2 indoeurpean words: "Djëus/Djòs" -which Latin "deus" (generic god) also derives from- meaning "sky/lightning", and "Phter", meaning "Father". Check out corresponding chief gods in other indoeuropean languages:

Greek: Zeus Patér
Sanskrit: Dyáuṣ Pitṛ́
Persian: Daeva Pitr
Celtic: Dēuos Athir

A Djëus root is also found inside "Tuesday"

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Sometimes low-tech is a cooler solution than high-tech.

This sensor device detects if your package was handled roughly during transport: no electronics, just clever engineering.


Note, by starring your post, I'm not actually agreeing with you that you're stupid :D

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Weekend hack: Creating a retrofuture internet terminal by replacing the Motorola MDT-9100's i386SX with a BeagleBone Black and Teensy: trmm.net/MDT9100

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#ProcessOne is removing facebook from their website and delets their fanpages.

Join the fediverse as a next step?



What many people who throw around buzzwords like blockchain don't seem to understand, is that the novelty of the "blockchain" approach is the trustless consensus protocol based on proof-of-work (aka hashing) and that this incredibly energy inefficient and not applicable to the vast majority of applications or problems out there.

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This sign is a pretty good indication that no one has any idea about what they’re talking about in Davos.

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Davos summary:
We got filthy rich over the past 10 years thanks to central bank easy money policies.
Now there's populist anger everywhere and we just don't understand why.
Took me forever to find parking for my private jet. What's the world coming to?
Chart: @michaellebowitz@twitter.com

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