Interesting conflicting body language in this photo of Do Kwon.

Hands behind the head indicates confidence and power, but the pillow on the groin and stomach hides the sensitive parts (mammals need to protect the soft underbelly) and tends to indicate some insecurity.

He's known for displaying arrogance, which fits, since arrogance is overcompensation for weakness and not real confidence.

I have a media player PC with Ubuntu that I bought a while back.

I use it to mainly to watch Youtube and play Spotify.

There's an annoying bug when it boots up that the TV is black, and the box waits for the disk encryption password to be entered before continuing.

So I have to go fetch a separate screen and plug it in just so I can see what's going on.

This weekend friends came to visit and at that moment the damn thing reboots and the TV is black just as I want to play some tunes.

Michael Saylor's usage of a golden plate behind his head to make himself look like a saint or some kind of Bitcoin messiah seems calculated on purpose to me.

Am I being cynical?

Seems manipulative to me.

"self-ownership" must be one of the most Orwellian forms of newspeak I've ever encountered.

Objects cannot own themselves. What they mean is you won't own a car and the 0.001% which the WEF represents will own all cars.

> I get similar reactions when people find out that Twitter has a bunch of ex-Sun JVM folks who worked on HotSpot, like Ramki Ramakrishna, Tony Printezis, and John Coomes

John Coomes,. Great name.

I've just released Converse 9.1.0.

Converse is an web-client that runs in the browser or Electron.

Notable improvements include OMEMO (E2EE) improvements and a new dark theme.

Lots of other bug fixes also included. Thanks to everyone who contributed.


Stop the madness in Ottawa - these truckers are out of control!


Look at all those... *checks notes*... far right extremists protesting vaccine mandates in Germany.

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts talks about the "financial transaction control grid" being constructed under the guise of a health emergency.

More and more people are recognizing the danger of allowing bio-surveillance (e.g. vax passports and mandates) and programmable central-bank digital currencies (CBDCs) merge to create a totalitarian system of population control.

There's a fight coming between Bitcoin and CBDCs, and we're lucky that BTC has had a head start.

EU commission president talking about establishing a digital identity, ostensibly to combat lack of privacy, when in fact such a digital identity will ensure that you're never private from the state's prying eyes and give the state even more power to lock you out of society if you don't conform.

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What does "putting people at the centre of the digital world" mean?

Could it mean a digital identity tied to a CBDC and social credit score?

If not, what else could it mean?

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