RT @fermatslibrary@twitter.com: NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is probably larger than you think. It's about the size of a car and weighs close to 2000 pounds

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RT @ashk4n@twitter.com: 5) Interesting contrast regarding "never selling users' data"

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RT @ashk4n@twitter.com: 2) Facebook engineered ways to access user's call history w/o alerting users:

Team considered access to call history considered 'high PR risk' but 'growth team will charge ahead'. @Facebook@twitter.com created upgrade path to access data w/o subjecting users to Android permissions dialogue.

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RT @KheraJas@twitter.com: My German isn't perfect yet but I think this means... they are not taking us entirely seriously

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RT @fermatslibrary@twitter.com: In space, without gravity, there are no density differences - buoyancy & convection don't occur. As a result, the combustion products accumulate in a spherical shape around the flame, preventing oxygen from reaching it and sustaining the reaction. Ultimately the flame goes out.

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RT @mattmfm@twitter.com: Remember that viral town hall where a guy scorned his Congressman for trying to take away his wife's health insurance?

That Congressman was Tom MacArthur, architect of the Obamacare repeal.

He just lost reelection.

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RT @sulsinslough@twitter.com: some are killed, some just die.

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RT @polyester@twitter.com: My annual "Thank You" to Hedy Lamarr, inventor of spread spectrum tech, which we rely on every day today. Her technical achievements are often overshadowed by her (also fabulous) acting career.

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RT @thetetet@twitter.com: I'm often asked about my desktop background which displays a projection of the earch, layered with sunlight and clouds. Here is the script: gist.github.com/thet/f915cf4a4

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RT @nickfrancis@twitter.com: Love this image to visualize the overhead of working with a large team. It hurts to look at and it should. Also further proof of the magic of 3. h/t to @Get_Lighthouse@twitter.com buff.ly/2AbyHfm

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RT @RealTimeWWII@twitter.com: London's Holland House Library, roof wrecked in German bombing, is still open for public browsing; most importantly, the books survived:

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RT @nixcraft@twitter.com: Someone is confused about @libreoffice@twitter.com icon.

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RT @thesheetztweetz@twitter.com: Last night's @SpaceX@twitter.com Falcon 9 launch, seen from downtown Los Angeles. (via Reddit)

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There's a recreation of this cave in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. The biggest science & tech museum in the world and a must see for techies visiting the city.
RT @RealTimeWWII@twitter.com A little good news: 4 French teenagers (& their dog, Robot) have discovered a cave in the Dordogne, filled with amazing prehistoric art from 17,000 years ago.

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RT @dhbln@twitter.com: Das ist die Reaktion, wenn der ein erfolgreicher Schlag gegen das freie Internet gelungen ist.

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RT @CliveAndrews@twitter.com: I need to buy this card and hold it ready for next time a copywriter friend changes jobs.

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