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Here, we can see the impacts of falling auto sales, retail slump, and slumping Ind Pro.
Wait. No we can't.
All we can see is the effects of the most recent $1 trillion money-dump by the central banks.

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This sign is a pretty good indication that no one has any idea about what they’re talking about in Davos.

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Davos summary:
We got filthy rich over the past 10 years thanks to central bank easy money policies.
Now there's populist anger everywhere and we just don't understand why.
Took me forever to find parking for my private jet. What's the world coming to?
Chart: @michaellebowitz@twitter.com

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Great news! @Logitech@twitter.com has made a beta firmware available that reinstates the XMPP API (note: with security vulnerabilities), they are fixing the XMPP issues in a future release AND they are now committed to maintaining the local XMPP API moving forward! home-assistant.io/blog/2018/12

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Slack closed my account today!

I’m a PhD student in Canada with no teammates from Iran!

Is Slack shutting down accounts of those ethnically associated with Iran?!

And what’s their source of info on my ethnicity?

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When someone announces, self-referentially, "I have integrity and virtue", look for the fraud.

If NYT wanted to show *virtue* they shd say:
"We take RISK for the Truth, even if uncomfortable to us & causes us to be ostracized by the MONOCULTURE/Weapon makers"

No virtue w/o Risk

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RT @fermatslibrary@twitter.com: NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is probably larger than you think. It's about the size of a car and weighs close to 2000 pounds

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RT @ashk4n@twitter.com: 5) Interesting contrast regarding "never selling users' data"

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RT @ashk4n@twitter.com: 2) Facebook engineered ways to access user's call history w/o alerting users:

Team considered access to call history considered 'high PR risk' but 'growth team will charge ahead'. @Facebook@twitter.com created upgrade path to access data w/o subjecting users to Android permissions dialogue.

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RT @KheraJas@twitter.com: My German isn't perfect yet but I think this means... they are not taking us entirely seriously

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RT @fermatslibrary@twitter.com: In space, without gravity, there are no density differences - buoyancy & convection don't occur. As a result, the combustion products accumulate in a spherical shape around the flame, preventing oxygen from reaching it and sustaining the reaction. Ultimately the flame goes out.

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RT @mattmfm@twitter.com: Remember that viral town hall where a guy scorned his Congressman for trying to take away his wife's health insurance?

That Congressman was Tom MacArthur, architect of the Obamacare repeal.

He just lost reelection.

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