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Can you pick up a 40-ton truck with 2,000 drones?

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@PrivacyMatters@twitter.com FB on accessing sensitive Android app permissions:

"we are seeing complaints among our beta testers regarding the new permissions, in particular the read_SMS permission, and are working to develop reactive messaging and figure out ways to minimize such complaints going forward"

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@PrivacyMatters@twitter.com In 2013, FB considered to partner with a firm who provides "credit verification and scoring services", "sees 90% of credit card transactions in the US" + "buys the anonymized, user level transaction data directly from the banks and then works with Epsilon to re-identity the data"

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Very interesting stuff in the leaked Facebook documents, indeed.

See e.g. from page 1561:

For example, Facebook did actually analyze "call log data (e.g. duration/frequency/recency of incoming/outgoing calls/texts)" and use it for friend suggestions.

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FYI, Google is trying to kill web URLs

Google wants users to use Google search as the access point for all content on the web. They are doing this by:
1. Removing visible URLs in Chrome
2. Penalizing sites for not using Google AMP
3. Removing URLs from search results

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β€œI’m pretty sure life is going to start sucking around 15 or 16 because that’s when I have to get my first job..."

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Quite happy with my little garden of death. It's over to years old now and the plants look very happy with multiple ones in bloom.

Five different types of sundew, two types of Venus fly traps and a pitcher plant. The tropical pitcher got too big, it's in its own pot now.

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ABC News broadcasts fake Syria bombing video that's actually from a Kentucky military show in 2017 gizmo.do/O8Xd96O

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Time to give back to the community! Leave a comment on the nr1 thing that you learned in your bugbounty/hacking journey and I will select a recipient of @yaworsk@twitter.com s awesome book on the 10th of October!
Only EU peeps!

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There is one slide in my presentation on the State of the XMPP community that you should not miss out on: Conversations is getting support for Jingle audio/video calls. (Probably in early 2020)

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Greens in Germany see a big surge in EU election. Greens easily taking 2nd place w/22%, double their result 5yrs ago. Have won voters mainly from the 2 major popular parties.

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The new subway cars in Stockholm hide a wonderful easter egg πŸ‘»πŸ–€

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1/ The data that Chinese smart retail systems can capture from a single store is mind blowing.

Face recognition identifies new & return customers, estimates their age, gender and mood. Time spent in store and items looked at creating live store foot traffic heat maps.

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