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There is one slide in my presentation on the State of the XMPP community that you should not miss out on: Conversations is getting support for Jingle audio/video calls. (Probably in early 2020)

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Greens in Germany see a big surge in EU election. Greens easily taking 2nd place w/22%, double their result 5yrs ago. Have won voters mainly from the 2 major popular parties.

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The new subway cars in Stockholm hide a wonderful easter egg πŸ‘»πŸ–€

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1/ The data that Chinese smart retail systems can capture from a single store is mind blowing.

Face recognition identifies new & return customers, estimates their age, gender and mood. Time spent in store and items looked at creating live store foot traffic heat maps.

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Movim is the first client that supports message reactions! πŸŽ‰ Fully federated, open source, fast and easy to use. Movim is the perfect alternative for Slack, Discord or Skype. Try out all the new Movim features on movim.eu/ .

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How often have you heard the argument that driving a car kills birds used against driving cars?
Then you should hear the argument of bird deaths used against wind turbines about 700 times less.

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Egal ob Vodafone, Telekom oder O2 - man kann miteinander kommunizieren. Warum geht das nicht auch bei Messengern? Ich will, dass man auch zwischen Threema, Signal, Whatsapp etc. barrierefrei kommunizieren kann. Dann gΓ€be es mehr Konkurrenz um den besten .

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My new hobby: launching vim in full screen mode at the Apple store

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Here, we can see the impacts of falling auto sales, retail slump, and slumping Ind Pro.
Wait. No we can't.
All we can see is the effects of the most recent $1 trillion money-dump by the central banks.

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This sign is a pretty good indication that no one has any idea about what they’re talking about in Davos.

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Davos summary:
We got filthy rich over the past 10 years thanks to central bank easy money policies.
Now there's populist anger everywhere and we just don't understand why.
Took me forever to find parking for my private jet. What's the world coming to?
Chart: @michaellebowitz@twitter.com

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Great news! @Logitech@twitter.com has made a beta firmware available that reinstates the XMPP API (note: with security vulnerabilities), they are fixing the XMPP issues in a future release AND they are now committed to maintaining the local XMPP API moving forward! home-assistant.io/blog/2018/12

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Slack closed my account today!

I’m a PhD student in Canada with no teammates from Iran!

Is Slack shutting down accounts of those ethnically associated with Iran?!

And what’s their source of info on my ethnicity?

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When someone announces, self-referentially, "I have integrity and virtue", look for the fraud.

If NYT wanted to show *virtue* they shd say:
"We take RISK for the Truth, even if uncomfortable to us & causes us to be ostracized by the MONOCULTURE/Weapon makers"

No virtue w/o Risk

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