If I can give one piece of advice to new programmers.

Being willing and able to read source code written by other people is a superpower.

Many newbie devs are too intimidated to jump into the functions and methods that they're calling from their own code.

It can be uncomfortable at first, but going through code that you didn't write, but rely on, is one of the best ways to gain a proper understanding of what's really going on.

Reading the code of other people also makes you a better dev.

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And if they have written a comprehensible test suite, read that first, maybe


That could be worthwhile, but for people not accustomed to reading others' code, I would recommend to start reading the code of the functions you call, the functions those functions call etc.

Continuously go down the rabbit hole until you start getting a better picture of the entire (relevant) stack.


The test of the functions you call should clearly document the arguments to the function, which is sometimes hard to glean from just reading the function, on my experience

@jcbrand @js290 testing, who does that? just release it and we'll figure it out
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