Out of curiosity I did the wal-o-mat. The online tool from the German gov that helps you decide which party to vote for.

You answer yes/no/neutral to questions on policies and then it shows you which political parties most closely match your prefs.

There wasn't a single question about Covid policy. Nothing about lockdown, masks, vaccine passports etc. As if the last 18 months never happened.

Questioning these measures are so far outside the Overton window, they don't even get mentioned 🤯

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@jcbrand Wahl-o-mat is based on the partys program.

Try which focuses on the real decisions in parliament of the past 4 years..


There are parties that have official policies regarding Corona measures.

For example the AFD are against mask mandates in retail stores.

So based on what you're saying, mask mandates should be included in the Wahl-o-mat.

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