In February a prof from uni Hamburg published a paper in which he came to the conclusion that the Wuhan virus likely came from a lab. He was attacked by the media and so-called "fact-checkers" and his university apologized and distanced itself from his paper (of course they did 😒).

Now the tables are turning.

Good interview with him here (in German):

Why did China react with such extreme measures at the start of the pandemic? Perhaps they knew this was a lab creation.

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@jcbrand ich finde es schwierig gerade in nem englischen Kontext zu verlinken... die sind nicht unumstritten und man muss sie einzuordnen wissen. Wenn jetzt jemand kommt und nur marginal deutsch kann (bzw einen Übersetzer nutzt) kann die Person vermutlich die Quelle nicht einordnen...

@jr I'm not native German. The interview speaks for itself. This contextualization that you're asking for is exactly how the media and "fact-checkers" try to discredit legitimate inquiry.

@jcbrand I'm a native German speaker and I don't want to say anything about the content of the source, but in my opinion you always have to look at the intentions a source might have. Especially because the paper/study this interview is about is a preprint and not peer reviewed at all, so it could be wrong

@jr I agree. I hope you also look critically at the sources of other studies and articles.

@jcbrand yeah of course I do and I currently have no opinion about where the virus originally came from, because it's very unclear and also those studies that show it came from bats should be looked at critically, especially you have to look if it is from chinese scientists for example, that might be manipulated by the chinese government (same in the other direction with the US)

@jr have you actually read the interview I linked to?

@janek thanks, I'm not following him closely, but I'm a fan of his work

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