Two years ago I got a nice audiophile sound system and since then I've been buying CDs at fleah markets and on eBay.

There's something special about listening to a whole album start to finish that's lost when listening to a Spotify playlist with algorithmic suggestions.

Currently listening to Dummu Borgir - Puritanical Misanthropic Euphoria. Great black metal album.

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@jcbrand Albums are an experience, not one hit. F*ck algorithmic suggestions.

@jcbrand Yeah, sometimes a single song is just "fairly ok...", but in the context of the whole album it's "oh! wow!"

Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Alan Parsons Project is one example where the collection of all songs as an album is a greater piece than a single song...


The algorithms are also shaping (perverting?) modern song writing. Songs are now written to start with a very catchy tune so that they're not immediately skipped by users with Goldfish attention spans.

@jcbrand Yes, in the past days a song often started slowly and devloped during the song. Bohemian Rhapsody for example or In The Air Tonight, Stairway To Heaven.

Today it's mostly fast food music: conducted on the computer by repeating patterns.
I like more the old ones that have complex arrangemnts, changes of tempi, etc...

@jcbrand ... and additionally the dynamic range of a CD is a complete story than compressed music streams....

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