Is there a way to show your favourites publicly?

I'd like someone to else to see the posts I've favourited.

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@jcbrand this may not be the best but on Mastodon one way I know of is exporting your favorites to a file that you can share later. It should be in the export panel in settings.


Thanks, I requested an archive download.

Do you know of a way to view only the instance-specific posts on a mastodon server without needing to log in?

Looks like most only provide a globally public timeline.

@jcbrand I think you should be able to just downloaded your favorites as a CSV - on mine there's an option right on the same page. The archive is all of your posts + attachments.

While I don't know how to get all of the posts from an instance, I do know it's doable since my Android client (Subway Tooter) seems to have a way to do that.

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