About 20 years ago there was much hand-wringing and worrying about the "digital divide'.

The idea that lots of poorer people don't have access to computers and the Internet and are therefore left out of the new economy.

Well, now even the bum under the bridge has a pocket computer, but there's a new digital divide.

Those with technical skills will be able to maintain much higher levels of privacy and autonomy online then those who don't.

@jcbrand and the state, which was back then working to increase access, is now working to censor.

@jcbrand They're still hand-wringing about it. I'm not seeing it. I think they're referring to broadband internet access and computers, which are slowly going by the wayside as cellular technology replaces them. I work with the poor for my job at the moment, and I hear far more "I have this and no idea how to use it" than "I don't have internet access." The stories of African villages getting laptops only for women to use them as cutting boards comes to mind.
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