There's a lot of preaching about the moral necessity for diversity and inclusion, and yet we see people being aggressively pushed out of orgs and accused of being *-ist or *-phobic, when the proponents don't like their views

Doesn't sound like either diversity or inclusion to me

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Except that many people being cancelled aren't presenting some kind of existential threat to others or to liberal society, and so the paradox often doesn't apply.

On the contrary, it's the cancel crowd that to me comes across as illiberal and intolerant.


The word tolerance actually implies some level of discomfort. If you're completely in agreement and rapport with someone, there's no need for any tolerance.

It doesn't need to be a directly existential threat for the POT to apply. Eg if we "tolerate" misogyny in tech then we'll continue to drive women out of it.


I worked at a mental health care company. The psychologists were all women and the programmers were all men.

Do you think rampant misandry was responsible for there being no male psychologists?

I'm not especially familiar with the mental health profession, so I couldn't really say.

Are you saying that if there *were* rampant misandry in the mental health industry that made it an uncomfortable place for men to work, that should be tolerated? Or that you don't think misogyny in tech is a real problem?

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