Been experimenting with ways to maintain focus and prevent burnout.

I finally returned to meditating again (in part because our child is now old enough to make it possible), going to bed early (sucks but having a good book to read helps), limiting Twitter to 10 minutes a day (yay leechblock) and regularly going for a jog up the hill nearby.

Part of me had to accept that life is boring some days and it doesn't help to try and "save" the day by staying up late in the evening.

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@jcbrand I'm struggling hard with the going-to-bed part at the moment. Wishing you all the best!



What I've noticed is that after a day of work, I crave some kind of satisfaction (and feel like I've earned it).

So I'd drink alcohol, eat junk food and watch Netflix or play games.

The problem is that while that's OK every now and then, if I do it every night I develop a sleep deficit and go into a downward spiral.

Having good books to read helps me a lot, and since I don't want to read when tired or inebriated, I make sure I go to bed early enough to read my book.

@jcbrand I think it’s been called "revenge bedtime procrastination", when you stay up late because job, family etc. keep you busy all day and you feel you deserve some self time in the evening. I can relate to that a lot. And Corona didn’t help. My bed time went from 1am (normal) to 4-5ish recently. Fixing it right now. Audio books kinda work for me (2nd chapter -> 💤). I have a hard limit that I’m only allowed alcohol Thu evening to Sunday. (not that I have a problem; just cautious).

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