Lockdowns & length & depth matter! SA GDP done and dusted. Further proof lockdown kill economies. Red are long lockdowns countries. Yellow softer and shorter lockdowns. Green no lockdowns. Orange is state level differences. Blue uncertain. but all countries had COVID. Red is bad!


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@JC Brand Well... many of those countries also had worse outbreaks, thus resulting in harsher lockdowns. Otherwise the stronger outbrakes would have killed (many people and) the economy. Hard so say, but I think it is wrong to imply simple linear causalities like that.


South Africa's outbreak wasn't nearly as bad as to justify the 6 month lockdown, including a ban on alcohol and cigarettes and a ban on online sales.

They have themselves to blame, not Corona.

@JC Brand Yes there are examples in both directions. But I would say South Africa type was more rare than the Italy type.
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