Why Bitcoin matters for human rights, in two minutes.


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@jcbrand shame about that cost per transaction, network capacity, possible network takeover issues and the energy use problem


Yeah, I guess we're stuck with those problems forever and can't do anything about that.

@jcbrand Yes, shame it's a completely new thing and not Bitcoin whenever we solve it


It wouldn't be a shame to me if it was a completely new thing.

Solving the issues in the video are more important than loyalty to a particular technology.

That said, I doubt it will be a completely new thing.

@jcbrand I’m a fan of the original idea.

Then I think how the current system still allows some semblance of reversability on the transactions. Reversability isn’t there for me as I exist today; it’s there for the senile 70yo me (if I live that long, which is unlikely).

I’m also not convinced anymore that traceability is a horrible thing.

It will also be an interesting problem to solve if it becomes feasible to reverse ECDSA private keys from public keys.

I would like something to be solved, but I don’t know how to solve it, or even what to solve. It’s still very unclear where the utopian dream ends and a realistic, useful tool begins. Nobody managed to present something that’s 1) useful, 2) not a money grab, 3) contains better anti-abuse properties than the current digital payments world.

I suppose these are the reasons why these days I avoid thinking about “crypto”, and why I don’t believe in viability of Bitcoin or the alternatives any time soon. Bitcoin is currently another ‘castles in the air’ scheme. (I should finish reading the whole book.)

@jcbrand (By "the original idea" I mean "what if people could transact peer-to-peer, mostly anonymously, and maintain their own accounts without intermediaries". It's important to think about this. I just think approaches currently in use are not cutting it in face of abuse etc, and I don't see anything interesting showing up instead.)


Concerning interesting things happening with cryptocurrencies... I guess you're just not paying attention.

Much of the cutting edge of crypto-research is happening there and lots of cryptography academics are involved in high-profile projects.

Also, decentralized finance in general is an incredibly interesting and challenging space.

@jcbrand I am very much not paying attention, yes. Too much noise, not enough signal.


Traceability is related to privacy and is a two-sided sword.

Privacy is important IMO and a human right, but allowing privacy also enables pedophiles and criminals.

That's life unfortunately, although I still think privacy (also with purchases) is important.

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