Conversations will be available for free on the Google Play Store starting tomorrow, Friday May 1st and through the entire weekend.
That will be a perfect opportunity to get your loved ones on XMPP and try out the new video calls.


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@jcbrand Wait but our servers don't support it yeeet!

@stevenroose @jcbrand Yeah, I don't quite understand how he went from "missing server support shouldn't prevent me from releasing this" straight to "I'll massively promote this feature immediately, while hardly anyone has server support for it". Could've waited until at least ejabberd 20.05 is released with the necessary service detection XEP, in my opinion.

@stevenroose @jcbrand What's needed for video calls anyway? I'm running ejabberd as server.

@honigdachse @jcbrand You need to update ejabberd to 20.04 IIRC and add some STUN/TURN information to your configuration.

@stevenroose @jcbrand Ah thanks, then I'll have to wait a few days... FreeBSD is still on 20.03.

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