Turns out Zoom is another hugely popular application that uses under the hood.

BTW, when developing an XMPP app, make sure to check that a particular user is allow to execute a particular operation ;)

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I'm surprised this isn't more widely known in the XMPP community!

I did a bit of digging a while back, and their desktop client appears to use gloox. Moreover they appeared to be using BOSH, which would mean they are using code I wrote for GSoC back in 2007!


Something else that's interesting... at a previous company we used ScreenHero which was acquired by Slack for their video calls.

A colleague told me that he noticed that ScreenHero used Strophe.js.

So it's quite likely that Slack uses Strophe/XMPP for video signaling.

Haven't been able to verify though.


BTW, can you kick so that it updates again?

I've added Zoom and Jitsi under "uses".

@JC Brand interesting. Looks like all IMs are based or use xmpp componenets under the hood. If not for greedy walled garden policies we would have the whole IM solved with the best features and clients and all decentralized and federated


I for one I'm thankful that those idiotic venture capitalists from #sillyvalley hadn't quite grasped the potential of the #internet when #email first came out.

Otherwise there'd be no way we could send stuff between my “#RFC822” and your “FacePost” or her “GoogleLetter” or their “MS Exchange”, even though all of them would be exactly the same thing under the bonnet.


@muppeth @jcbrand

True story: I remember watching #CNN sometime in the mid-#90s and they were interviewing this guy who had started some kind of #internet venture. When the guy suggested that if #CNN (or someone like them) developed their internet presence they could reach an audience of billions the news anchor ended the interview right there with a snarky comment along the lines of “this guy is a lunatic”.

@muppeth @jcbrand

About five years later those #VC people came out of some hole and started throwing money at anyone who could register a domain name, had a bit of a false start with the .com bubble, but then they hit gold with Google and they've been copying the same recipe ever since.

(I'm taking some artistic licence, but that's roughly how it went)

@muppeth @jcbrand

And the the record: I've got nothing at all against venture capital per se. It's just that these guys from silicon valley are living proof that with sufficient luck any idiot can get rich.

That's what the end of the #coldwar gave us: #oligarchs in #Russia and venture capitalists in the #US, both with equal amounts of class.

@jcbrand hugely popular? Its the first time i ever hear of Zoom.

@jcbrand Jesus christ that's not even complicated to replicate or anything, what the heck...

That's not even an exploit or anything, the servers are explicitly allowing that to happen. How incompetent does one have to be in order to allow something like this to happen by not adding any sort of verification?
@jcbrand Cloudflare prevents me from reading the article 🙁
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