Remember the story of the guys who made replacement valves with their 3d printers to save lives of Covid-19 patients in Italy?

The manufacturer of those valves, charges $11 000 per valve and is threatening them with a lawsuit.

Why is this possible? Because of patents. And this is why I'm against patents and the artificial scarcity they create.


It's not a requirement for capitalism.

Ancaps and libertarians are generally also against patents because they're state-sponsored monopolies that are enforced by coercion and therefore backed by violence.

@jcbrand of course not, but many ppl and firms profit from it including many of the world leaders-why would they change that?"normal" ppl dont care or will not fight for changes - they could also fear their jobs - china is a much cheaper producer in many industries... i wonder what happens when they start their copybusiness.what about the japanese investment bank who sues against the creation of a covid19 test? if this kills enough ppl maybe there will be a big change in society. hope dies last.

@jcbrand im also against patents. but i live outside the us - here u cant sue every shit like in the us :)

@jcbrand This is clearly a case of "Gefahr in Verzug" - would translate to "danger in delay". My guts feeling sees no case the company can win this. No harm has been done to the company as they could not deliver in time.


Yes, seems like they asked for the blueprint, which the company refused and then told them that it's illegal to make copies.

So not a direct threat, even though it was reported as that yesterday.

Doesn't really change my thoughts on patents though. It's due to having a patent that they can charge $11k per valve and also refuse to release blueprints that can save people's lives.

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