For , I suggest you follow some of the developers on the .

@mattj is the creator and lead dev of the Prosody XMPP server.

@pep is dev of Poezio CLI client and the library XMPP-RS.

@larma works on the client.

@vanitasvitae works on the Smacks library and OMEMO-related stuff.

@nyconyco works on team-chat Nayego.

@lnj works on Kaidan.

and last but not least, @Goffi works on Salut à Toi.

@tdemin Forgot about Zash!

Why don't they federate anymore? Mastodon has completely removed OStatus federation (over which GNU Social currently works) in 3.0. GNU Social appears to be working on AP support, but I don't have any details on that.

@jcbrand @tdemin Because that's not Mastodon but GNU Social and I guess Mastodon dropped support for that

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