I'm seriously considering leaving Twitter for good. If only there wasn't still so many interesting people to follow.

At least there's still tweetdeck, which shows tweets chronologically.

If I had to use the main site with its bullshit, black-box algorithmic sequence of tweets I would probably have already left.

Is there perhaps a way to easily create bot accounts that mirror twitter accounts to the fediverse?

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@jcbrand Please don't bring all the birdsite shit to the fediverse,nobody wants to see that 👎 You can easily follow all Birdsite accounts you want using your RSS feed reader.The address is nitter.nixnet.net/username/rss



Who I follow and where I do that is none of your business.

You're not forced to follow the same people or look at their accounts.

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@jcbrand Bots are not just for you,that's the problem.They're spamming the local and federated timelines for everyone,on some instances it's already difficult to find real content because of too many bots.Remember that people had a reason to move to Mastodon.Many of them don't want to be reminded of the birdsite by seeing thousands of one-way reposter bots.


So people with Twitter accounts don't post "real content"?

There are other people besides me who would like to follow Twitter accounts on the Fediverse, otherwise these services wouldn't exist

Everybody does things that can trigger other people. It's not realistic or reasonable to expect everyone else to act in such a way that you can't ever get triggered.

If you can't handle seeing twitter bots in your timeline, may I suggest you go see a therapist and work through some stuff.


Also, Twitter bot accounts won't appear in your local timeline because they're not hosted by your local instance.

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