I've finished my track (at least for now) and have uploaded it to for the first time :D

TBH, I find the UI quite confusing and I don't understand how the sharing link is supposed to work.

Also looks like you need to have an account in order to listen?

In any case, here it is:

Feedback welcome and appreciated of course.

@JC Brand didnt know you do music. Nice. I'm toying with trackers a bit myself but nothing worth publishing.


I can't say this is the right advice for everyone, but if you want to take this further you should try to make something that you can publish ASAP.

Be ambitious!

Later on you'll probably be a bit embarrassed by the stuff you put out (I know I am) but it's a great way to stay motivated, on target and to improve.

Like that famous saying, if you're not embarrassed of your first version, you didn't release early enough. :D

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