I've just released Converse.js version 5.0.2, includes two security fixes. Please update ASAP.

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@stevenroose @jcbrand weren't you supposed to say "yay, converse just got even better"

@fshadow @tdemin @stevenroose

Steven is a contributor to the project, he's not anti-JS (as far as I know :D )

@jcbrand @fshadow @tdemin Be careful there! I have the reputation to not like JS. Ido realize however that it's the only way to practically develop web apps and I think web apps are valuable.
But I've seem JS applied to way to many things where it doesn't make sense and seen JS praised as the best language to learn as a beginner coder that I've felt the need to speak out against it on many occasions :)
But no hard feelings towards Converse whatsoever! (I wouldn't mind a rewrite in Dart though..)

@tdemin @jcbrand Haha, nah, I just literally upgraded yesterday after waiting for several months. So yeah doing that again then.

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