The big lie of our current time is that inflation is extremely low, justifying repressive monetary policy such as negative rates.

Rent and house prices are skyrocketing all across Germany's large cities (and all over the world).

Everyone needs shelter.

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@jcbrand That's a very good point. I don't necessarily agree that we need a constant 2% inflation like the central bank tries to reach, but even if we were to have that level, actual levels are a lot higher. It seems like housing is extremely underrepresented in our price indices.


AFAIK housing isn't considered at all when tracking inflation.

@jcbrand You sure about that? Inflation is tracked with a price index that consist of all kinds of stuff you need in daily life, no? I'm not sure, but I know that in "living cost" indices that are also calculated, rent is used. The ones used for inflation, I don't know.

@jcbrand same here in France, wages stagnate, housing and taxes to the moon, but officially there's no inflation, what could go wrong?

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