If you are using Jabber/XMPP but haven’t been able to convince your friends yet, you should get them to use instead. It will only take them 60 seconds to sign up and contact you on your regular XMPP address.


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And leak the contacts / address book to the cloud...
In principle, the hashing procedure used by #signal to match contacts seems to be less intrusive than with #quicksy.
Or am I wrong here?

I don't think that's the point. People have become so used to the anti-pattern of linking a chat account to your phone number that they are confused if it works differently or when the contacts don't auto-magically show up when entering the phone number in their address book. Its sad, as it is such a privacy nightmare...

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Why can #quicksy not implement the #addressbook like in #signal?
See this post:
"In regular intervals Quicksy will upload a list of phone numbers from your Android Address Book to the Quicksy Server and get a list of matching Jabber IDs in return."
With this, I can also use #whatsapp & get access to all contacts...

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