In the USSR two things could land you in prison: not having a job (known as social parasitism or idling) or entrepreneurship. There's a significant overlap between these two groups of people, and that's where most of the economic output of capitalism comes from.


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> In the USSR two things could land you in prison

Not really. Admitting that someone didn't have a job was seen as a failure of the State, and entrepreneurship was not seen as a problem, given the right ideological grounding.


"Russian poet Joseph Brodsky (1940–1996) was sentenced in 1964 to five years of banishment from Leningrad to Arkhangelsk Oblast for "social parasitism". In 1987 he won the Nobel Prize in Literature"

Yeah, his problem was rubbing someone the wrong way though. Much the same as certain oligarchs are jailed nowadays whereas certain others aren't.

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