My new hobby: launching vim in full screen mode at the Apple store


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@vala @jcbrand this is the next level of my hobby of launching the terminal in full screen :thonking:

@jcbrand @polychrome actually, my first real encounter with vim was at an obj-c class, when i discovered that, at least when it comes to simple console programs, xcode is a terrible i.d.e.

it was then when i discovered splits, tabs, :e, :make and all sorts of other cool things.

@jcbrand Can you share the commands/key-sequence with us? I fink your hobby might see an uptake in popularity..

@ej Type and enter "vim" inside a terminal then ^<super>F to enter full screen.

@jcbrand 'fanks! (I thought maybe "enter full-screen" might be a vim key sequence rather than a terminal emulator/window manager shortcut..)

@jcbrand there is nothing like a good first impression with #FreeSoftware – I'm certain potential apple customers will enjoy that brief moment of user freedom. 🤨

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