For people looking for a guide on how to set up a modern XMPP server, take a look at the :

It was updated at the recent Dusseldorf XMPP sprint.

@jcbrand this is great, I was feeling like I should be updating my old #XMPP server guide which is over 3 years old at this point, but still comes up in a lot of searches.

I might just add a link to that at the top of the pages now. :awesome:



Anyone experienced with both #ejabberd and #prosody #xmpp servers and who would care to share their impressions?

@61 @jcbrand right now I'm kind of leaning toward ejabberd for future deployment, but there's not a lot in it really.

My main public servers are Prosody and running as well as ever, and I run ejabberd at work with the company LDAP directory backing it.

Honestly they're both great and stable and I'd suggest reading their docs and seeing which one you feel most comfortable with.



I've been running #ejabberd for God knows how long. Over a decade in its current domain already, I hardly ever touch it, but I'm curious to see what else is out there and how these two compare.

@61 @mike @jcbrand consider this a "research question" but - why do you consider only those two #xmpp servers? Have you considered #Tigase and dismissed it for some reason?

@tigase Want brutal honesty? At one point 90% of the spam I was seeing coming in to my servers was from Tigase-hosted, unmaintained XMPP servers with invalid SSL certificates. I recall reaching out at some point with concerns and not getting much back.

"Tigase" and "spam" are pretty much linked in my mind these days. I know there's a difference between your hosted services and the server, but I've never looked into it much as a result.

@tigase you left me hanging here without any answers so I just ended up blocking a lot of your stuff.

@mike sorry for that! Must have slipped by us (the best option is to send us an e-mail to or create thread/ticket in

As for domain - while it was hosted on our installation we never owned it hence we had zero control over it (meaning we couldn't update DNS nor create proper certificate for it).

@mike unfortunatelly we had a huge problem with spam on our installation as well (we mitigated it since then); and as you stated - we can't controll other installations.

Fortunatelly things improved since then: we introcude anti-spam component and captcha when registering (those are also available in distribution packages when you download tigase-server!)

@tigase @61 @mike @jcbrand

I never considered Tigase, because:

$ apt search tigase
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done

@debacle @tigase @61 @jcbrand following up, I went to the Tigase web site, and could not find any clear mention of system requirements or installation docs. An FAQ entry referenced a source code repo but didn't link to it, and looking for install info I was led to the option of searching a discussion forum.

It looks like you want people just to hire the company to install it for them, not explore it themselves.

@mike @debacle @61 @jcbrand installation is covered in Tigase Server documentation ( - would you consider it strighforward or do you think we can improve it (and how?). Separate thing is discoverability of this documentation -- it seems this is lacking? I added link to this guide on the download page: - what do you think?

@debacle @61 @mike @jcbrand unfortunatelly we are quite small team hence lack of resources do prepare packages for each distribution (we do welcome contributions!); we are planning to create in a near future a docker image that should help with deployments

@mike @jcbrand

Great timing! I was thinking of updating my server recently, and this is perfect for a rebuild!

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