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@jcbrand (and everyone), may I ask that, if at all possible, primary sources be used when quoting stuff? #fakenews and all that. We have examples every day of people forwarding things that are false, half-truths, opinions passed as facts, etc. It is very easy to fall victim to that, but all the more so if one has to rely on the honesty of other posters up the chain.

@61 You're looking at a retweet of someone else's tweet, not something I wrote myself.

Hello @jcbrand, precisely that's what I'm saying. Not a big fan of forwarding someone else's word about a third party's claim.

I think we all share a responsibility to minimise the spread of false and manipulated information and one way to do that is by not taking at face value things we hear from unknown sources.

IMO it would have been better to forward the Twitter poster's first message instead, where he provides a link to the document released by #Parliament yesterday. 🙂

@61 I'll keep it in mind.

I think this is more an issue with crossposting though. On Twitter it's quite clear the tweets are part of a a thread and when you check the thread you find the supporting docs.

@jcbrand Yeah the person on twitter did take care to quote his source. I think it is important that sources are carried forward when crossposting.

Otherwise you end up in a situation like they have in #France right now where actual physical violence occurs in part thanks to people feeding each other false info online.

Let us not condition people to take things at face value, shall we?

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