Converse XMPP webchat had its 70th release yesterday. Version 4.0.3 and still going strong.

Happy to report that the vast majority of my income now comes from this project.

Congratulations! 🎊 🎉 I hadn't realised you are the guy before #ConverseJS.

@61 Thanks. I'm not as natural promoter as some other people I've noticed on Mastodon. Sometimes I feel like I might over-mention it :D

@jcbrand Yeah I know the feeling but it needs to be done (with some restraint, obvs!) 😜

@jcbrand Thanks so much for Converse. It has been so useful for my wife and I to be able to message each other, even when she's working inside somewhat restricted corporate networks.

This post has also made me realize that the version we're running is a bit old, so I think it's time to upgrade. Again, thanks!

@carlozancanaro Glad to hear it's working well for you! More improvements are in the pipeline :)

@jcbrand You are the dev of that project? It's an amazing piece of software! <3

@woah Thank you :) Yes I'm the main dev but other people also contribute.

@jcbrand Congratulations! Looking forward to deploying Converse when I find a bit more time.

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