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Seeing the allure that anti-consumerism seems to have to some people thinking about a post-Corona politics, I want to just put this piece advocating a consumerist critique of capitalism out there again:

Got an interesting student question about how to publish a small-scale dataset that is still being updated. I wonder if I should turn my private email response into a blog post. Any interest?

"a small number of academicians—supposed arbiters of truth—advocate for Tr*mp. How does one explain this apparent anomaly?"

A sociological analysis of academic Trumpists:

Got my first review request for a social science paper on covid-19. I guess somebody managed to be productive during the lockdown...

“Bringing artists and companies together to brighten your apocalypse.”

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that disappointing feeling when you finish something long overdue, but you can't even strike it off your task list because you never added it in the first place

"due to the pandemic the gates of creativity swing wide open. We have to become our own shaman."

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COVID-19, monopolies and vendor lock-in 

"keep your distance!" "don't stick that in your mouth!"

just imagine doing this helicopter parenting thing voluntarily

Does anyone have resources for teaching for people in nontechnical professions?

I too am now a person seeking sourdough starter discard recipes.


Just saw MOONLIT WINTER – a very gentle life-affirming jewel of a film ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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