@jboy maybe we should expand the definition of "technical" to include "having the least bit of a clue about racism"

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programmer bro: I'd like this list to stick to technical issues only and not become mired in political issues

also programmer bro: pontificates for paragraph upon paragraph about how criticizing racism is the real racism

@zacchiro ha, I had no idea that preregistration was pioneered by parapsychology!

Marcus was interviewed this week on a must-listen episode of On The Media, where she pointed out that other countries had success with harm-reduction approaches that acknowledged human needs.


For example, Dutch authorities advised people to pick sex partners for the duration of lockdown and add merge their households with your own "bubble." This presents risks - especially for people in large households - but so does sneaking around.


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Also, I subscribed to the python-ideas list and reading it makes me feel like a Python superhero.

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As of today I'm can say I've contributed code to the Jupyter project! πŸŽ‰

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@jboy ruling out Google Colab because you're limited to Python 3.6 and I need a more recent release.

help me out

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I want to teach an online workshop in which participants do hands-on exercises in a Jupyter notebook. The important thing is that I be able to "look over their shoulder" and help them sort out issues.

Any ideas for how I could set that up? I suppose any webinar thingy that supports screen sharing could technically work, but I wonder whether there are better tools.

Really like this color palette I accidentally created. I think this will become the textnets default.

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I finally managed to produce a SOTU visualization using textnets.


TIL bipartite graphs look great with Sugiyama layout 😍

RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded

why yes, I'm trying to subclass pandas.DataFrame

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