Next Monday I'm joining the Amsterdam-to-Utrecht leg of the with and our faculty and staff union . Anybody else participating?

@neil 84K sounds great. Wish she'd named it 84K City :)

Haven't read the Strugatskys yet, but I was happy to discover that the great N. K. Jemisin published THE CITY WE BECAME earlier this year, which was fantastic! And now I'm reading Greg Egan's PERMUTATION CITY.

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@neil if I happen across any Theos I'll let you know 😃

now here's a word/practice to bring back in this age

@neil that's a nice way of thinking about it! Though I must admit I don't take any totally random turns -- I do screen which books I add to my list, and in fact all 7 or 8 so far have been great to excellent. But as I continue I may read some more random stuff.

@neil as freudians they would approve of automatic writing! I remember that even some of the "po-mo generators" of the early 2000s, which were based on much simpler text-gen procedures, produced some convincing output.

@CarlCravens maybe it says more about your text editor than about your python skills. I think a well-configured text editor would make those kinds of boundaries clear.

Early on in Charlie Jane Anders' The City in the Middle of the Night, the protagonist talks about "the alchemy of recognition" in telling her coming-of-age story.

Googling this beautiful phrase to find earlier uses assembles a collection of texts that are just sort of exquisite.

@lidia_p lurk looks like a nice community, I think I'd like to move there. can I get an invite?

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I think the Strugatsky Brothers' DOOMED CITY might be next after that, but I'm open to suggestions, since most of the remaining ones on my list are by "golden age" dudes.

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Last night I finished Pat Murphy's THE CITY, NOT LONG AFTER, which is a great post-apocalyptic magical realist story of urban guerilla warfare.

Next up, John Shirley's CITY COME A-WALKIN', a cyberpunk classic.

After that, I'll probably start THE CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT by Charlie Jane Anders.

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My summer reading plan was to read sf books with "City" in the title. That's because I love China Mieville's THE CITY AND THE CITY and recently read Clifford Simak's great classic CITY.

So I pick up Jo Walton's JUST CITY, which incorporates Platonic cosmology, the Greek pantheon, maieutic dialogues, and time travel. Amazing stuff!

I had to break my rule and read the remaining books in the trilogy, which do not have city in the title.

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There is now a Mastodon instance for publishing scientists: FediScience.

Everyone is welcome from PhD student to professor, as well as researchers from outside of academia. You are welcome to stay afterwards, but it is also easy to change to another server.

There will be a lot of science talk on this server, but there is no need to only talk science

Boosts are appreciated to let others know about this new instance.

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We're hiring a to work with @swheritage, @Inria and @MSFTResearch on large-scale in software engineering.
Full details and application instructions at:

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