now here's a word/practice to bring back in this age

could it be that this is the upside to the current U.S. regime - that studies of the purportedly "trivial" can no longer be dismissed out of hand?

Really like this color palette I accidentally created. I think this will become the textnets default.

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I finally managed to produce a SOTU visualization using textnets.

TIL bipartite graphs look great with Sugiyama layout 😍

here's the projection of the bipartite graph into affinities between senators (based on their statements)

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Textual network analysis of U.S. senator statements following the conclusion of the impeachment trial in the senate.

Pretty clear split along party lines: Democrats cluster around "foreign" while Republicans cluster around "partisan."

just learned that, instead of canceling course evaluations, the humanities faculty (where I do part of my teaching) is asking students this.


I gave a talk about yesterday arguing we should have a vision for it beyond the reproducibility crisis.

Here's the slide people seemed to like best, judging by the tweets.

crucial detail for my upcoming annual performance review

I should probably turn off the nagging voices in my head and be proud of what I did today.

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If you record your runs using a Garmin watch (or the like) but want to keep your data out of the cloud, ActivityLog2 is great!

It has seamless data import, maps, plots, etc.

Unexpected bonus: It's written in !

I'm really confused by this pattern in . Does anyone know why this happens?

A review of _Splintering Urbanism_ on Amazon.

"Verified purchase."

"4 people found this helpful."

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