My summer reading plan was to read sf books with "City" in the title. That's because I love China Mieville's THE CITY AND THE CITY and recently read Clifford Simak's great classic CITY.

So I pick up Jo Walton's JUST CITY, which incorporates Platonic cosmology, the Greek pantheon, maieutic dialogues, and time travel. Amazing stuff!

I had to break my rule and read the remaining books in the trilogy, which do not have city in the title.

@jboy This is awesome, kind of a dérive through books.

I'd thought about this too when I accidentally read two books in a row where the protagonist's name was Theo, and I love Children of Men, so thought I should look into a Theo drift...

@neil that's a nice way of thinking about it! Though I must admit I don't take any totally random turns -- I do screen which books I add to my list, and in fact all 7 or 8 so far have been great to excellent. But as I continue I may read some more random stuff.

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@neil if I happen across any Theos I'll let you know 😃

@jboy Thanks :)

The ones I stumbled on:

- Ctrl-S (so-so)
- 84K (great)
- The Children of Men (haven't actually read it, but the film is amazing)

@neil 84K sounds great. Wish she'd named it 84K City :)

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