My summer reading plan was to read sf books with "City" in the title. That's because I love China Mieville's THE CITY AND THE CITY and recently read Clifford Simak's great classic CITY.

So I pick up Jo Walton's JUST CITY, which incorporates Platonic cosmology, the Greek pantheon, maieutic dialogues, and time travel. Amazing stuff!

I had to break my rule and read the remaining books in the trilogy, which do not have city in the title.

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Last night I finished Pat Murphy's THE CITY, NOT LONG AFTER, which is a great post-apocalyptic magical realist story of urban guerilla warfare.

Next up, John Shirley's CITY COME A-WALKIN', a cyberpunk classic.

After that, I'll probably start THE CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT by Charlie Jane Anders.

I think the Strugatsky Brothers' DOOMED CITY might be next after that, but I'm open to suggestions, since most of the remaining ones on my list are by "golden age" dudes.

Haven't read the Strugatskys yet, but I was happy to discover that the great N. K. Jemisin published THE CITY WE BECAME earlier this year, which was fantastic! And now I'm reading Greg Egan's PERMUTATION CITY.

@jboy This is awesome, kind of a dérive through books.

I'd thought about this too when I accidentally read two books in a row where the protagonist's name was Theo, and I love Children of Men, so thought I should look into a Theo drift...

@neil that's a nice way of thinking about it! Though I must admit I don't take any totally random turns -- I do screen which books I add to my list, and in fact all 7 or 8 so far have been great to excellent. But as I continue I may read some more random stuff.

@neil if I happen across any Theos I'll let you know 😃

@jboy Thanks :)

The ones I stumbled on:

- Ctrl-S (so-so)
- 84K (great)
- The Children of Men (haven't actually read it, but the film is amazing)

@neil 84K sounds great. Wish she'd named it 84K City :)

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