Hi everyone, does any of you have experience with #Guix? Would you recommend it for a work laptop?

I'm asking cause I read it's sitll in beta.

@mdallastella If your laptop is linux-libre compatible, then I think it's ready to go, otherwise it's a bit of a hassle.

After running into hardware issues, I went with NixOS for my work laptop. (But now I feel constant guix envy, because the nix language is a bit icky.)

@jboy I'm very curious about #Nix / #Guix, especially the latter, for the use of Guile. I'm a Clojure/Lisp developer so it sounds great to me. Thanks.

@mdallastella I went through installing in a VM once before doing it on my laptop, which was a good "dry run" to get a feel for how things work. Perhaps you could try the same. It only takes ~1h

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