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here's the projection of the bipartite graph into affinities between senators (based on their statements)

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The graph even shows Susan Collins and Marsha Blackburn closer to the Democrats. (Romney never made an official statement else he'd probably be there too.)

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Textual network analysis of U.S. senator statements following the conclusion of the impeachment trial in the senate.

Pretty clear split along party lines: Democrats cluster around "foreign" while Republicans cluster around "partisan."

I just discovered the magic of `git clean -ix` to interactively (-i) remove junk files from the current project, even if they are ignored (-x).

i just downloaded software from sourceforge


I'm about to commit a Sqlite database to a Fossil repository. Wish me luck!

I don't usually sign petitions and manifestos, but I did sign because it articulates a necessary political vision.

Check it:

i guess this is what happens when the university decides to "see like a market" (

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i've now been told the results will be taken with a grain of salt, but then why even bother?

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the same humanities faculty that is forcing online proctoring on students

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just learned that, instead of canceling course evaluations, the humanities faculty (where I do part of my teaching) is asking students this.

This toot is mostly a note to self, because whenever I have a little time to play a computer game, I can't remember what any of them are called.

I have installed and (think I) enjoy playing the following:

- Freeciv
- Endless Sky
- Mindustry
- Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
- Warzone 2100
- Harmonist

I haven't read all the Github feature announcements, but I can already see a near future where all open sauce project installation/development docs start out asking you to register for Codespaces.

Which I guess is only a bit worse than the current `curl | sudo bash`/`npm -g install` situation.

Very impressive student project:

POFMA'ed: A dataset of every electronic communication subject to 's anti POFMA legislation

Something seems terribly wrong about people staring a repo called "awesome-coronavirus"

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Available for a project management gig starting in June?

USD$30,000 to help Python's core developers migrate to a new bugtracker. Submit your résumé by June 4th. Especially if you have experience working with GitHub APIs & with Roundup.

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Dear fedi-friends (with apologies for posting work things), my department is hiring a new (senior) lecturer with a focus in digital media (0.2 - 0.4 FTE). Here's the posting:

Re-tooting is appreciated!

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