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Mark Fisher: Capital is an abstract parasite, an insatiable vampire and zombie maker; but the living flesh it converts into dead labor is ours, and the zombies it makes are us.

Capitalism: Hold my water!

Planet Earth: waitwut?!

“My actions also mold reality. I learn quickly to always check for diamonds, and never check for traps. If I find myself in trouble, I can always do something confusing and provoke a context change.”

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“According to two witnesses, the confrontation ended when Kellyanne Conway sneezed on Trump, distracting him from his fury.”

wat 🤧

Maybe that's the solution?

TIL: “Otium, a Latin abstract term, has a variety of meanings, including leisure time in which a person can enjoy eating, playing, resting, contemplation and academic endeavors.”

Who's joining my campaign to demand ?

Came across a pretty solid source of book recommendations:

(Might pair well with to help discover new writers.)

In any case, congrats to me, I now own a riot grrrl memoir.

I'm really confused by this pattern in . Does anyone know why this happens?

How the Media Lab Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

New documents show that the M.I.T. Media Lab was aware of Epstein’s status as a convicted sex offender, and that Epstein directed contributions to the lab far exceeding the amounts M.I.T. has publicly admitted.

Really enjoyed this talk by @darius:

(His talk provides a narrative to go with the great guide at

not sure about the process outlined here, but something like this would may a good way to teach a git workflow.

Wow, David Karpf is getting a lot of mileage out of his bedbug dustup.

Amsterdam local interest, food 

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BREAKING: Funders are ready to pull out Of Facebook's academic data sharing project. They gave the company until Sept. 30 to provide key data:


orange website 

orange website 

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