No, dear funding agency, as an early-career faculty member I definitely didn't have anything better to do than writing a long detailed funding proposal only to not get it funded.

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“This is not a ruling class with the strategic competence, or perhaps even the attention span, to form a stable hegemonic bloc. I think that, even if they win on Thursday, they have lost control.”

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This talk, by Matthew Flatt, on what it takes to build the infrastructure to support your teaching and research while being an academic, is really good and a great case study for fields other than comp sci to draw on:

"Gaslighting" is all over the place -- from Teen Vogue to the American Sociological Review.

The terms is a reference to the 1940s film Gaslight. In the 1980s, psychologists started using it, focusing mostly on marital relations and how husbands "gaslight" their wives.

Strangely, I rarely see it acknowledged that the terms was first used by the poet Adrienne Rich in the late 1970s in her volume On Lies, Secrets and Silence.


Great piece on the "industrialization of research" which also touches on the production of software for research purposes:

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I was nervous as I was preparing the talk because it was for a group of replication enthusiasts, and as a mostly qualitative researcher I don't see replication as a big issue. But they genuinely appreciated a different perspective, and it led to some great discussions around epistemology and the political economy of knowledge production.

I gave a talk about yesterday arguing we should have a vision for it beyond the reproducibility crisis.

Here's the slide people seemed to like best, judging by the tweets.


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