The Oliver Twist workhouse is becoming a block of luxury flats with a "poor door"

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I am very happy to announce that the new issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine, 'Fed Up!', is finally(!) out and can be consulted here:
Many thanks to contributors @eliotberriot, @Gargron , @decentral1se, @entreprecariat (and indirectly @rra and @fcr), @pip Julia Janssen, Inge Hoonte and Louisa Bufardeci, Gui Machiavelli, and Martin Schotten.

#fediverse #federation #zine #labour

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You know you're doing too much Dutch when you your English start inverting.

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is off to a promising start. Subscribe to the serial speculative fiction newsletter here:

We'll never truly be / We trip along disaster in the whirlwind of the free

Has anyone ever interpreted Dr. Seuss's Yertle the Turtle as an allegory of the-web-as-platform?

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Patty Smith's memoirs are beautifully written and bring back a New York I was too young to experience first-hand.

But maybe most crucially, they taught me that bread dipped in olive oil washed down with black coffee is a perfectly fine meal.

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“A lux program chooses how it will interact be selecting a chaos and calling call-with-chaos with that chaos and a thunk that calls fiat-lux with a word.”


“cities have huge potential power to improve the health of the internet ecosystem”

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Our #csvConf slides are posted for anyone interested in seeing what we have to say about #FLOSS qualitative research:

“War Zone Reporter” was one if the funniest things I've seen on in a long time.

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