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Myspace loses user uploaded music from between 2003 and 2015 due to lack of backups (HT @gcluley)

Considering at one point Myspace was *the* most popular place for bands to put music, that's a lot of culture lost

Just learned about breaking news here on mastodon.

That's a first.

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RT @Suggins1

this tumblr post from five years ago has consistently done a better job of analyzing the current cultural/political environment than 99% of media


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Related, a reflection on Dutch academic activism by an insider, which certainly resonates with some of my experiences over the past years:

With educators in the whole country, I was today. Inspiring being among ~50k demonstrators in Den Haag demanding adequate funding for education at all levels, elementary school through university.

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Democrats straight up paraded their new progressive House reps when they get elected and CELEBRATED all the DIVERSITY, but it was all a show.

The moment our new Reps started critiquing the status quo that continues to enable policy to harm literally everyone for no reason, they either remained quiet or let Republicans dictate a debate about morality even though they are still enabling a criminal in the office of the President.

This whole shit is a complete farce. At least GoT is entertaining.

everybody email bret stephens and tell him that he's dumb

Achievement unlocked: introduced the offspring to programming with

(require graphics/turles)

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Decathlon cancels sports hijab sale in France (In response to threats…)

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@technomancy Any idea why I am getting this error when trying to run bussard?

Error: ./orbit.fnl:43: attempt to call field 'mod' (a nil value)
(traceback omitted)

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