Fediverse question:

Recommended LOGO interpreter/implementation on Linux?

This weekend's project: start the conversion of degraded fenceline to hedge with the aid of topsoil and pallets. Next phase: add prickly vines to bind the pallets together more permanently.

Hypothesis on the rise of political extremism in economically depressed areas:

People whose livelihoods are stable tend to have a narrow focus: community, family, local policy tweaks.

People whose livelihoods have been upturned by remote forces have renewed reason to look far afield for explanations and responses.

People who are not in the habit of doing high level analysis (or educated for it) are more likely to fall for packaged answers offered by extremist activists.

Been thinking about the mandatory single payer proposal, and just realised that anyone who might want a medical procedure that someone else might not want to permit? Should fight this tooth and nail.

Pro-choice? Imagine Pence as head of federal medicine.
Medical marijuana? Imagine Sessions.
Transitioning? Imagine Mitt Romney deciding whether or not you could on the taxpayer's dime.

Remember the lesson: never hand your opponents a stick with which to beat you, because they always will.

Question for the hivemind: recommended colocation hosting services?

Physical, dedicated servers only. Not interested in cloud-anything, container-anything, virtual-anything.

Devuan or OpenBSD options preferred.

Don't mind throttled bandwidth, do mind arbitrarily blocked ports.

Grassroots music concert stuff. Kickstarter link. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I've gone crazy enough to put myself through the agony and ecstasy of hosting a music show.

Not just any show, a psychedelic show devoted to freedom of thought. So if you dig trippy music, wild spacerock or just a general freaky good time, please consider tossing a dollar in the tip jar.




A little musical mantra for the meditative. From the snackmusic project.


MPC Live + Integra 7 = good enough for making movie music?

RFC Classification of tolerance:

Complete tolerance/Voltairean: You may be a bigot, but you can do your thing and I'll do mine.

Intransitive intolerance/Popperian: I do not tolerate bigotry, but I will tolerate voltaireans.

Intransitive intolerance/Bubbler: I do not tolerate bigotry, nor voltaireans, but I will tolerate popperians.

Transitive intolerance/Purist: I do not tolerate bigotry, nor voltaireans, nor popperians. Bubblers are on notice.
Let comments flow.

@garpu Welcome to the party, @garpu.

Also a composer here.

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