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Okay. I should do an post.

I'm jackyalciné. I work with software a lot. I run often. I cook. I also track a lot of my life digitally. I have more information at

I give talks in tech + social justice + Black history (and intersections thereof). I'm from New York, chilling out West now.

I have a habit for breaking things and putting them back together with a test harness. I'm open to banter but only if it's peaceful and for growth.


yeah imma delete my account from here ( and move to playvicious.

expect a mass re-following.

I'm kinda mad. Especially as a Patreon. Now I'm strongly opting to just move off any form of centralized federation.

Show thread was down long enough for me to move to another instance.

♲ @amy nguyen ( i had a whole rant about this in my "UX design for internal tools" talk last year but i have to rant again: IF YOU BUILD A WEB APP THAT BREAKS BASIC BROWSER FUNCTIONALITY I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.




So it's definitely possible.

Best believe I'll be attempting this in the far future.

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I have a video of my last session uploading to Twitch and YouTube - might aim to self host it if it's cost effective (the forgotten aspect of self hosting).

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Okay some takeaways on and :

* I switch context a _lot_. I jump from terminal -> docs -> web -> terminal in under a minute.

* I need to work at talking about my flow out loud. It's a good way to do a live assertion of what I'm working on.

* Try to open up with an agenda in the form of unit tests.

Alright, back on my stream. This time we're going to add some validation to JSON-LD objects for /

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Stopped my stream for ~5 minutes. Going to get something to eat and then pick back up.

I'm aiming to get a C++ implementation of (and ) going.

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That said, I think I'll do this live. Going to turn on my Twitch stream.

(one day I could even consider self-hosing THAT?!)

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I keep asking myself - do I need to implement JSON-LD in order to get ActivityStreams so I have an ActivityPub library?

I think so.

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Okay. Home. Not going out this weekend (at least not tonight) so we finna implement JSON-LD in C++ tonight.

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Also note to self/passive aggressive note to others: don't criticize non-technical users who call the whole thing Mastodon (or, increasingly, Pleroma).

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That being this:

I'm going to work on making testing straightforward. Running it under Docker makes a bit easier

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