1.5.0 is done! Contains support for all the new stuff in Mastodon 3.0.0 and some other fixes and improvements!


#python #mastodonpy #mastodev 🐍

Calibre 4.0 erschienen

Die E-Book-Verwaltungssoftware ist in der neuen Hauptversion 4.0 erschienen. Diese bietet unter anderem einen neuen E-Book-Viewer und den Umstieg auf Qt WebEngine.
#Calibre #Calibre40 #E-Book #Verwaltungssoftware #Software #E-Book-Viewer

Come to Plovdiv on October 19th on the Open Source Day event and learn how OSHW is made! We will talk about how to design, produce blank PCBs, assembly, component sourcing, crowdfunding, OSHW certification. Everyone is welcome!

What is the difference between USA and USB? 

THE VERDICT (Hollywood-Edition):

On the case of SCROTUS against IT.
(not the one with the dots in between the letters; aka Second Chapter).

The judgement is: 1/11.
Substantiation: due to inability to use existing perfectly matching soundtracks for the cause of "my little pony" atmosphere.

this soundtrack could and should take over after the clown said: "I am ..."

Let's have a moment of silence for the poor mofos who cross post on Mastodon and Twitter. May their suffering be short.

#Linux #kernel 5.3.5, 5.2.20, 4.19.78, 4.14.148, 4.9.196, and 4.4.196 are out now.

As usual, users should upgrade, as those new #kernel besides small improvements contain a bunch of fixes – some of which might be crucial for your systems and their security.

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