Sort of impressed that the thirst level here has remained more or less even after the whole tumblr thing. Good job keeping those boners and such in check

Really decked out my classmates profile. Gonna work on my Friendster one next.

Every once in awhile I remember I live alone and can sleep naked. Yuss

Just a reminder that Fred and Barney from the Flinstones became cops.

Constant nightmare of Elon musk doing Nelly’s Ride Wit Me at karaoke.

I didn’t know that was illegal. Guys they’re gonna shut down Mastodon

From the Window!
To The Wall!
Your pee's stored in your balls.

Sorry. Can't stop tooting or I'll die.

Is there gonna be a thirst wave here now that tumblr is losing its hotness?

Man, sorry for not posting but I’m in a bad place rn and trying hard to not bring folks down


Ah! Just met a person I’m totally kind of crushing on and I don’t know how to handle it.

im not sure if i want to see how you freaking weirdos process halloween

Boost if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to put your dick in one of those dyson hand dryers.

Lewds discourse 

Soooo, I know we very clearly outlined that under 18s shouldn't be posting lewds, but it would be nice if our younger members maybe thought about putting their age in their profile. I want my younger mufos to feel safe &supported to feel out their bodies &their sexuality, but as a 35 year old, boosting/faving an 18/19 year olds lewds/suggestive pics feels age inappropriate&creepy. I dont want to make anyone uncomfortable but I also dont want them to feel like theyre not supported

‪Eating the rich is the only ethical form of consumption ‬in 2018

Mostly my messed up read to much into things brain needs info. I apologize no read receipt people. You’re not cops. You’re just hiding something. And I need to know.

If you own an iPhone and have read receipts turned off of iMessages you’re a cop

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