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for many, many years i wore the "videogames is a large tent and we should appreciate it in all its forms" and then i ran out of free time and now if it doesn't have a health bar and a sword it's Not A Game anymore :<

luv2play a 'casual, relaxing' game in my extremely limited free time and get frustrated to shit because it is opaque and boring

It is easier to imagine the end of history than it is the End of Evangelion


Seattle’s celebrity weatherman has crossed the line from “I think the practice of attributing individual weather events to global warming is overstating the case” to “writing the official rebuttal to a carbon tax initiative on the ballot” and I’m done giving his nuance any credit.

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The Ghostbusters are COPS. Do NOT call them.
Work with a local medium to open dialog with the spirits in your community.

The Gamers spent weeks flipping out and making memes about how The Witcher would cast a black woman as Ciri to the point where I assumed that was actually what was actually announced. Nope.

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*takes a hit off a giant blunt* so like the universe is a giant game of minecraft, right, compressed onto the surface of a sphere,

Oh my god. Amazon tried using AI to sort through resumes, it ended up discarding stuff with the word “women” in it or from all-women’s colleges, and now it is used to.... remove duplicates from the database 🙄
Meanwhile 55% of hr managers think their job will involve AI in 5 years

I finished the main plot and almost all the side quests in origins but declined to buy the extra maps so it’s not like I played the game for a few hours and called it quits

Jesus man I really hated ac:origins and hearing people talk about its great writing has me soooo confused. It’s like when enslaved: journey to the west was joystiq’s goty and I could not connect to it at all

I played a real video game for the first time in like three months and now I have a migraine

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i believe in robust public transit, which is why my fursona is a catbus

also why doesnt steam let me sort my library by game genre

whats a video game i could play on my laptop on battery power while keeping an eye on two infants on a playmat

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the USDA under the obama administration thought a hot dog was a sandwich, checkmate

Rob Zachny can sell me online-order contacts anytime

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is parks and rec liberal? yes. but the town hall scenes are one of very few pieces of art to truly capture the essence of white people behavior. so it’s good

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