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nothing makes me angrier than when gmail predictive text is correct


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"but zach, isnt jimmy john himself a hippy-pinching respectabilty-politics elephant-murdering garden variety racist" yeah totally

we are like half a mile outside of a jimmy john's delivery radius and every day i feel a half mile further away from gods light

Cool cool got kicked from a guild on a p2w game because I’m.... not paying. And of course a powerful guild is needed to level up.

But less about shooting people with bullets - I am physically unable to enjoy FPS games due to motion sickness - and more about “this feels like a waste of time” especially now that the twins are here

Incidentally, NewsBlur is getting the beginnings of a spam problem now. I don’t really hold a lot of hope out that it will get addressed.

This toot brought to you by my burning desire to launch a NewsBlur commentor into the Sun.

When google reader died, a lot of people put some stock in a replacement called NewsBlur.
A big cool thing about google reader was it’s social aspect - you could follow people and share stories etc. great way to discover stuff outside your lane or otherwise see the best of a blog you wouldn’t follow.
One of the first requests to NewsBlur iirc was a similar social function. That was added.
The second request was the ability to block people. That was never added.

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“I don’t need a code to not be mean to people!!!” Uhhhh when people tell you that you are being mean to them you disassemble and interrogate them and get super defensive so we should probably define “mean” upfront bro

It is unfathomable to me the way people in the tech industry react to such a mundane and commonplace thing like a code of conduct.

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high jacking the neighborhood ice cream truck at knifepoint and hotwiring my zune to the speakers so i can make the whole town listen to joe rogaine's podcast and finally learn the truth about Vitamins


for many, many years i wore the "videogames is a large tent and we should appreciate it in all its forms" and then i ran out of free time and now if it doesn't have a health bar and a sword it's Not A Game anymore :<

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