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I'm pretty sure Twidere is the best Android client because you can browse Twitter and Mastodon in the same timeline. github.com/TwidereProject/Twid

There's something inevitable about Mastodon. Slowly growing; gaining traction.

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A street artist has been improving Facebook billboards across London.

h/t @protestencil@twitter.com

@CTD Good to see you Chris. Definitely recommend following @robert or even just joining boardgames.social in the first place.

Kill sticky headers: a bookmarklet to get rid of the web's static blobs boingboing.net/2018/08/09/fixe

Just discovered the "light" theme in Mastodon settings. So much better.

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There's an amazing number of #ActivityPub #alternatives now available or under development:

Twitter -> @Mastodon and #Pleroma

Instagram -> @pixelfed and @anfora

YouTube -> #PeerTube ( @Chocobozzz )

Soundcloud -> @funkwhale

MeetUp -> @GetTogetherComm

Medium -> #Plume ( @BaptisteGelez )

Reddit -> @prismo and Anancus ( @tuxether )

LinkedIn -> @cloutstream

Google Calendar -> @calendar_social

Anything missing from the list? What else is needed?

#Federation #Fediverse

Icarus is good documentary. The barefaced lying and hypocrisy of Putin and his stooges beggars belief. justwatch.com/uk/movie/icarus

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I have to say that the Telegram progressive web app is surprisingly good. 95% as good as the native app. Open web.telegram.org in mobile Chrome and add it to your homepage.

Just watched St Paul's beat the record at Henley by 11s.

“Knowing whether someone owns an iPad in 2016 allows us to guess correctly whether the person is in the top or bottom income quartile 69% of the time. Across all years, no brand is as predictive of being high-income as owning an Apple iPhone in 2016.” feedproxy.google.com/~r/margin

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I am pretty sure the #fediverse is actually just a testing ground for new TLDs