50% of my dns queries are for ads and tracking at home. Adblocking is a requirement in 2018.

The true failing of RSS is that you can't track people with it

Converse 4 has been released recently and I wrote a blog post about the history of the project, how it's evolving and what the future holds. opkode.com/blog/converse-4-rel

As much as I hate calling something a “must-read” (there is no such thing, thatʼs #fomo bs talk), Software Disenchantment is pretty close: tonsky.me/blog/disenchantment/
#programming "#engineering" #quality

"Software Disenchantment" by Nikita Prokopov tonsky.me/blog/disenchantment/

Somewhat ranty but interesting piece on how "good enough" seems to dominate in the software industry. I can definitely share some of the frustration with how bloated and inefficient everything tends to be.

I can't believe the singers in all these faux 80s bands really mean it. It's got to be ironic. They're having a laugh right?

FWIW I prefer to use example.com to check my internet connection, both because it's small and because it only runs HTTP (not HTTPS), so it's good for logging in to captive portals (e.g. on hotel wifi).

My copy of the Dark Souls #boardgame arrived today. Looks pretty beautiful, starting to read the rules now.

Hate my NAS drive. Refuses to map to a drive letter in Windows 10. Don't buy Zyxel.

I hate to say it but reactionary anti-consumer, anti-freedom EU internet legislation is starting to make me doubt my stance on Brexit. Not really.

BREAKING: Worst possible outcome in the European Parliament copyright vote: MEPs vote for #uploadfilters , #linktax, a narrow #TDM exception for data-mining, no #freedomofpanorama—plus a new IP right for sports organizers.

If you were wondering why most photos of the Pyramids in Giza always seem to be from the same angle, this is why

Because of the extensive tourism, they built a highway right up to site. And with tourism and traffic come shops. Businesses get money and they build houses and yet more shops, and so on...

The end result is a city which kinda ruins the mood if you want your pyramid photo to have the “lost in the desert” vibe

I beat Into The Breach. Excellent turn-based strategy PC game. Similar to Advance Wars. Very boardgamey. Plays almost perfectly on a touchscreen. humblebundle.com/store/into-th

Last night of our holiday in Bulgaria. It's great. Basically Spain or Greece with lower prices. Black Sea beaches are good.

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