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We are ready to rummmbleeee! Todat at 5pm (Paris time), we are starting our crowdfunding campaign! Stay tuned, it'll be awesome! (and we'll need your help!)

Looking at - kind of sad that there's no such thing for (is there?)

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Je m'attendais bien à ce qu'Eric Raymond dise des conneries (comme toujours sur les armes) mais, là, il a pulvérisé ses propres records

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Why do anarchists drink herbal tea? Show more

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Did a lunch ride to Houts Bay today. So much beauty and awe in that half hour each way.

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The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.

Terrorisme : François Molins exhorte à la révision du droit des métadonnées - Criminalité organisée et terrorisme | Dalloz Actualité -

Want to Avoid Malware on Your Android Phone? Try the F-Droid App Store | WIRED -

RT "Why is Mozilla doing [thing that makes no sense whatsoever]?" is a recurring news piece, sadly

Hey users. Do you recommend a mode for adding a kind of document library? like

Avec @lesExegetes on va bientôt arriver à notre 100e mémoire en justice depuis février 2015.

Ça se fête, non?

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DejaVu Sans: that really crappy guy at work that insists on hanging out with you but you really can't stand, but for political reasons you have to tolerate. He has read the entire employee's manual front to back. He is the man who does his own taxes.

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Garamond: the guy who sells coffee in the Starbucks in the Books A Million. He's a pretty nice guy. You wonder though why it always seems to be the same guy in every Starbucks in the Books A Million...

Good at serving coffee and taking your order, and good at introducing you to items on the menu, but a terrible conversationalist. But he's not Henry Kissinger aka Times New Roman, and you are grateful for that.