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Ohla addictif ce jeu 🥸

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Me in the past: "Meh, I can't see the point in a 4K monitor, 1080 or 1440 are fine resolutions"
Me after getting a new job which came with a 32inch 4K monitor: "Okay, fine, I guess I'll have to upgrade every last screen now"

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Une (re) présentation:
J'ai eu fait un peu de recherche en crypto*graphie* pour la vie privée, mon boulot est de défendre la vie privée et je suis une fan (et militante!) des Logiciels Libres (principalement à la #fsfe).

Du coup, je parle principalement vie privée, Logiciel Libre (mais pas que) et de crypto mais avec pas mal de hors sujets...

Je toot en FR et en EN.
#présentation #logiciellibre #cryptographie #vieprivée

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RT @patdennis
Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are pump and dump schemes, while others are pyramid schemes. Others are just standard issue fraud. Others are just middlemen skimming of the top. Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.

So everyone freaking out about Twitter's future.

Is RSS back?

Autre ambiance pendant le confinement à 20:00 à Shanghai...

It's been two years with my latest laptop purchase and os install.

I have not set up Gpg and have not imported my old keys. I have not touched the configuration. My Arch Linux system is not able to search or retrieve keys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess it's going to stay like this?

I understand my feedback may sound mean or harsh.

But I don't know where to start any constructive criticism here.

Am I the only one for whom this Map app is completely useless?

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4. OK. Maybe Place d'Italie is a special case.

Let's try "Châtelet".

Châtelet is like the epicenter of urban Paris. In accordance with the pure Jacobinist Paris-centric tradition of France, that's where 80% of metro lines meet.

These are the results.

None of these "Châtelet" places are in Paris.

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Place d'Italie is the kind of place that you should be able to find easily.

It is in a major urban area (Paris).
It has metro and bus stations, bike sharing points, etc.
It has businesses, cafés, restaurants, etc.

Yet. This is what I get in the Map app, including the fill list of results. And no option maybe to get more results or provide feedback on the results.

I really don't understand how that's possible and can't believe this is an exceptional case. This is my regular user experience.

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2. I search for the place that I want to go to. Place d'Italie.

For reference, here's what a search query on OSM provides:

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So, here's my use case. I am at home and I want to take my bike to go some place across the city.

1. I open the Map app. I think it's probably opening on this space (around where I live), because I checked this out before. So far so good I guess.

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Dear @gnome devs

I support your work and I enjoy using Gnome shell. I like that you try new things and have so many releases.

But sometimes, I am really puzzled by some of the "major" apps which are simply useless even for a basic use.

Let's take the Map app, which is one of three apps prominently shown on the landing page of

(thread follows)

Pour inciter le Congrès 🇺🇲 à agir et enfin adopter une loi fédérale de protection des données (un GDPR américain), LWT s'est procuré les services de Data Brokers et de ciblage publicitaire de façon… créative!

Des utilisateurs d'emacs ici?

J'ai encore besoin d'une branche pgtk ou bien la version 28 gère enfin les écrans HiDPI et le "scaling"?

I am in the US right now (roaming on 4G), but still get a GDPR wall.

Wtf @nydailynews

Idriss Muhammad's rendition of Power of Soul is definitely the soundtrack of . I am hearing it everywhere. Now at Roberta's pizza

Am visiting NYC. Any tips for a small pilgrimage? I guess maybe there's something to see around the ex Garrick theatre. Maybe finding Zappa's former house where he first moved in with GZ. Any other idey?

Lyrics for live concerts in Spotify
Well that was unexpected 😆

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