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2. I search for the place that I want to go to. Place d'Italie.

For reference, here's what a search query on OSM provides:

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So, here's my use case. I am at home and I want to take my bike to go some place across the city.

1. I open the Map app. I think it's probably opening on this space (around where I live), because I checked this out before. So far so good I guess.

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Dear @gnome devs

I support your work and I enjoy using Gnome shell. I like that you try new things and have so many releases.

But sometimes, I am really puzzled by some of the "major" apps which are simply useless even for a basic use.

Let's take the Map app, which is one of three apps prominently shown on the landing page of

(thread follows)

Pour inciter le Congrès 🇺🇲 à agir et enfin adopter une loi fédérale de protection des données (un GDPR américain), LWT s'est procuré les services de Data Brokers et de ciblage publicitaire de façon… créative!

Des utilisateurs d'emacs ici?

J'ai encore besoin d'une branche pgtk ou bien la version 28 gère enfin les écrans HiDPI et le "scaling"?

I am in the US right now (roaming on 4G), but still get a GDPR wall.

Wtf @nydailynews

Idriss Muhammad's rendition of Power of Soul is definitely the soundtrack of . I am hearing it everywhere. Now at Roberta's pizza

Am visiting NYC. Any tips for a small pilgrimage? I guess maybe there's something to see around the ex Garrick theatre. Maybe finding Zappa's former house where he first moved in with GZ. Any other idey?

Lyrics for live concerts in Spotify
Well that was unexpected 😆

Je cherche une astuce pour dater une mappemonde. J'y vois la Serbie-et-Monténégro donc a priori entre 2003 et 2006. Autre idée pour dater cet objet ?

Pourquoi tout le monde a l'air de dire que c'est la première fois depuis la 2GM qu'il y a la guerre en Europe 🤔 Ils faisaient quoi en ex Yougoslavie dans les années 90? Jouer aux playmobils?

Six minutes sur l'incroyable vie romanesque de l'inventeur du Theremine mais aussi de l'ancêtre du rfid

The Lost Ones : Lev Sergueïevitch Termen - Ingénieur et musicien de génie - Regarder le documentaire complet | ARTE -

Any recommendation for a good keyboard with swipe gesture?

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Just got my hands on Calyx OS! 😎

By far the quickest and easiest Linux install experience I have ever seen!

Now that the setup is done. What should I do?

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My goal is to write decentralized networked software that nobody has to run a server to use ever again. "Self-hosting" is good where you can, but it's also kinda technically elite.

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🚨 There is still time to apply!

We have two job openings:
- Policy Officer
- Technology Officer

Deadline: 20th February 2022 23:59 GMT

You can find more details about these roles here 👉

For the HP Touchpad / WebOS nerds out there, how to fix a bricked HP Touchpad and restore WebOS:

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