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Bon ben 2020 finira sur...
La corde de mi qui m'éclate sous les doigts en plein bend Gilmourien... La loose jusqu'au bout

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when you're a classical guitarist but you listened to hip hop once - YouTube -

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The fediverse? really nice. Application instances talking to each other.

The fediverse on That would be mind blowing. Application instances talking to each other, and several applications sharing the same per-user data storage. Neat.

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Found some cheap (and too sweet) Ajvar. Hey that stuff is still really good +bread +feta

Is this going to be about pictures of food? No idea I just posted a random pic to test the Indigenous android client.
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Just testing with a picture from January 2020 at this Paris Court of Appeal.

And... come on. Before retweeting evidenceless allegations of systematic *anything* maybe try to look at what the alleged perpetrators are doing on this space.

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Hey people. Listening to an individuals presenting themselves as victims doesn't require you to suspend thinking and believe everything you read on the internet. Don't choose sides to stories you know absolutely nothing about.

Combien de fois les bagages abandonnés se sont avérés être vraiment des trucs dangereux et pas juste des trucs oubliés par des étourdis ? Je me demande vraiment à quoi ça rime tout ce cirque auquel on a droit à chaque fois qu'un bagage oublié est trouvé dans un train...

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The EU border police Frontex is under fire for its involvement in human rights violations at the EU’s borders. Now, they want to silence those exposing their wrongdoing.

Frontex is taking us to court.

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We are before the UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal today, discussing the next steps following the CJEU judgment of 6 October 2020 on the Privacy International case (Case C-623/17) @EUCourtPress

To find out more about the case:...

Quelqu'un a de l'expérience avec ? Je cherche à implémenter le multilinguisme et je comprends pas la doc :-)

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Design goals for a FOSS search engine:

- FOSS but centralized, don't bother with distributed crawling or federation or anything, at least not until we can prove that we can do it the easy way. Apply the SourceHut model.

- Don't blithely crawl the whole WWW. Tier 1 sites opt-in to being crawled and are manually reviewed by a human to establish lack of shit. Backlinks from tier 1 sites are crawled to form a tier 2 graph. There is no tier 3. Searches prioritize tier 1 results. (De-emphasizes blogspam in favor of primary sources, entirely eliminates SEO gaming).

- Attempt to index any data source (HTML, Gemtext, man pages, a CSV file) and return any results that either (1) the User-Agent can present, or (2) we have some code to render in a format the U-A can present, or (3) the user explicitly asked for

Problem: who's going to pay for it? Answer: probably SourceHut if we ever get to, say, 10x our current revenue.

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One name in tech has become embroiled in controversy: Palantir, a big-data analytics outfit.

Find out how they've become embedded throughout the UK in our new report with @NoTech4Tyrants

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