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Interested in hosting a #36c3 session? FSFE is looking forward to sessions about Free Software, privacy, data protection, encryption, the commons and internet policies

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Your #router is important equipment because it connects your devices to the internet. However, many Internet Service Providers in Europe are imposing their specific routers to customers. The #FSFE helps you to become active for #RouterFreedom!

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Honoured to have been elected unanimously by @fsfe 's members to serve another two-year term as president.

Looking forward to work together with Heiki, Patrick and all the other @fsfe contributors for #softwarefreedom !

#freesoftware #fsfe #opensource

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At this year's General Assembly, which took place in Essen, Germany, on 12 October, the members of the re-elected as the president, Heiki Lõhmus as the vice president, and as the financial officer for another two-year term.

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Which browser is consuming much more power than competitive ones? @3rik presenting interesting numbers and thoughts on #digital #sustainability in connection with #FreeSoftware at the @fsfe GA.

So, what's your guess?

Making IT security a strategic topic for @fsfe - thanks to @mxmehl for taking this issue forward! Following up from last year's definition of priorities

And Patrick Ohnewein -on the left above- will be @fsfe Financial Officer for the next 2 years, as he is re-elected unanimously

Heiki is also re-elected, as VP of @fsfe --- now voting for Patrick (on the left in the photo above)!

And just now, the unanimously elected @kirschner as @fsfe President, for his 3rd term!

Thanks to Linux Hotel in Essen for hosting the @fsfe GA! Interesting decorum ;-)

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Today is the Day against #DRM! Join us and the in raising awareness about digital restrictions #IDAD

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Attending #Fosscomm2019 this weekend. full of young people. Glad to meet the new generation of FOSS enthousiasts.

Come by the booth to learn more about our work.

Join our workshop to learn how to setup/use DNS over HTTPS to bypass censorship.

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Software Freedom Podcast #1 on Day Against #DRM with Cory Topics: #ebooks with with DRM, making money as an artist without DRM, #security implications, and regulation of the "#IoT":

#IDAD #softwarefreedom #podcast #freesoftware

Lots of events all over Europe during the year for @fsfe !

Building a better Internet, for openness, inclusivity, protection of data, privacy... @fsfe will help make sure software is released under free sw (aka open source) licenses !

The @fsfe GA starts with a presentation of Software Freedom in Europe (preview of the yearly report!)

Starting with a nice success in Germany: cc @federationfdn

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Marcel Duchamp is not dead.

Aujourd'hui rue de Ponthieu (Paris)

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