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Terms of Service; Didn't Read: a browser add-on that warns you about the terrible fine-print you're about to "agree" to / Boing Boing -

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Focus sur les 428 câbles sous-marins qui connectent le monde.
On n’arrête pas le #progrès dans #LeDessousDesCartes,…

Ocean's Eleven version cyber

Hackers stole a casino's database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank -

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We just raised $500 this week which means we completed the challenge for this week and will receive another $2000! Thank you everyone for participating in this campaign!

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We are few dollars from reaching our goal ! If we reach it, we receive a 2000$ bonus ! The campaign ends Tuesday, it's the last spring 🚀

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Hey, you know what's awesome?

It's awesome how on you click a link and it's actually a proper link and not a click-tracking URL shortener!

(A cool feature would be to actively un-shorten things when people post shortened links... but things are already awesome, even without that... and maybe relax the toot length constraints for links so people aren't tempted to use them.)

Thank you, @thekinrar and @Gargron and everyone else who makes this place work.

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Thanks to our team of highly trained packaging monkeys 📦🐒 , today we reached the milestone of 50 apps level 7 ! 🎉❤️

Level 7 is the maximum integration level for now, meaning that the app supports install/remove, upgrade, backup/restore, integration with the SSO and other things 😋 !

In other news : there's currently ~200 community apps, among which ~100 are declared as working 😁 !

Also if you're an app packager, we have a dashboard summarizing automated test results :

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♻ @Nelfaneor: Call for Participation: FSFE Track About "Digital Education" During the Libre Software Meeting in Strasbourg, France … via @fsfe #fsfe #FreeSoftware

@hugoroyd @assoFDN si vous avez des questions ou des points que vous souhaitez voir abordés: c'est le moment!

Je ferai le point sur 3 ans d'actions juridiques avec @lesExegetes demain lors de l'AG de @assofdn

Surveillance généralisée;
Respect des droits fondamentaux;
Censure administrative;
Expérience sur l'action devant la CNIL; le Conseil d'État; le Tribunal de l'UE...